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Our solutions

We support investors and organisations with different services:

  • Advisory solutions: we support our clients with strategic advice on impact related topics. We also take independent board roles in impact-driven organisations.

  • Training solutions: we design ad-hoc trainings on sustainable / impact investing / gender and diversity investing / impact economy. 

  • Advocacy: we regularly speak at professional events. Visit our dedicated page for more information.

  • Ad hoc services based on your needs.

If you are interested by our services, please reach out to us.

TIIME portfolio and a selection of our engagements


TIIME has built over the years a fully deployed portfolio across impact of direct companies and VC funds. We are committed to apply a gender and diversity lens on all of our investments and donations.​ Similarly, our engagements with organisations are driven by our intention to drive more inclusion, justice and equity for all.

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We are proud to sit on the Global Stewardship Council of Heading For Change. Heading For Change ​is a donor-advised fund (DAF) launched with a $1MM endowment by Suzanne Biegel & Daniel Maskit to make catalytic investments and grants that accelerate proven solutions to the climate crisis and advance gender equity.


TIIME has been a member of Toniic for many years. Hedda is also a member of their board of directors.

Toniic is a global community of asset owners seeking deeper positive net impact across the spectrum of capital.



TIIME has been a member of the Gender-Smart Investing community before it merged into 2X Global. We are now a member of 2X Global.


TIIME has been a supporter of the incredible work from the Criterion Institute for many years. We are now member of their Advisory Board.

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