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TIIME is an impact catalyst offering advocacy, advisory and education solutions


We provide an external perspective on existing business and client engagement processes with toolsets that encourage innovative approaches to growth and value creation. 


Our core themes and solutions are tailored to:


  • Impact Finance across asset classes – sustainable finance from grants, venture philanthropy to impact investing, gender-smart investing and ESG 

  • Corporates integrating sustainability, impact and diversity practices

  • Social Purpose Organizations (SPOs) – social entrepreneurs, social businesses, non-profits, incubators & accelerators 


TIIME has an extensive network of partners and clients in the global ecosystem of sustainable and impact finance - please feel free to ask for references.




TIIME has developed a broad set of services to help corporates and investors go above and beyond their sustainability goals. Through consultation, we amplify impact. We provide a unique combination of entrepreneurial approach with positive social and environmental impact at the core.
We advise corporates on how to embed socially and environmentally positive actions into their daily business

We help define non-financial returns and clarify impact themes to guide investment strategies. We provide market studies and consultation on specific topics such as impact investing, socially responsible investing, ESG trends, and diversity & gender lenses as a driver of performance and impact.



TIIME has developed a set of interactive workshops that add value to a broad range of businesses. Whether you are an organization or an investor, we can help you integrate impact into your core activities while allowing you to grow and become better at what you do.


We can tailor our trainings according to your needs.


Please contact us for a list of trainings on



TIIME has designed, organised, moderated and hosted impact-focused events for a broad range of audiences. From design to delivery, TIIME has expertise across the board for creating memorable and impactful experiences. 



We have the expertise to design the agenda, contribute to the financing of the event through fundraising and help you with logistics.

We have years of experience running different components of an event, including moderation, keynote speeches, panel participation, trainings, webinars and on-site meetings.



We share stories that inspire and resonate as keynote speeches, interviews, fireside chats, and interactive panels.


If you are interested in having TIIME to contribute to your events or see our previous engagements, please contact us on Please also visit our speaking page with references.

Testimonial 2



Nous avons eu un plaisir énorme à travailler avec l’équipe de TIIME qui a permis aux participants de la dernière édition 1,2,3 Go Social (désormais Impuls) d’affiner leurs projets d’ESS  grâce à des formations et des ateliers pratiques. Grâce à leur professionnalisme et écoute, l’équipe de TIIME a aidé les participants à appréhender la question de l'utilité sociale, ses enjeux, son évaluation et sa construction.

I see impact economy as an opportunity to address a wave of challenges and a way to create added value not only in an economic understanding, but also a value for a community.

As important actor in Luxembourg, TIIME shows how - by rethinking and changing the way to do business – the impact economy supports societal change by creating economic growth and innovation. Working with Hedda is both inspirational and great fun.

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