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What’s driving and trending in Private Equity 2021

In LFF’s recent conference “Focus on Private Equity” ( the CEO of TIIME was interviewed on “what’s driving and trending in Private Equity 2021”.

Katia Pinichi from law firm Elvinger Hoss asked Hedda Pahlson-Moller and Vanessa Camilleri from Partners Group what they see as the upcoming challenges and opportunities for Private Equity.

Hedda was asked to share her views on the movement towards ESG and explain the differences with impact investing. Defining impact investing as creating intentional, evidence-based societal impact alongside financial returns, she shared an overview of the market sizes of the various investment strategies and examples of sectors and projects capturing Sustainable Finance capital. The final part of the interview tackled diversity and the research supporting outperformance and improved results – along with the gap faced in the private equity field. Recognizing both the opportunity around leveraging diversity as a performance lever as well as the regulatory demands, such as Nasdaq’s new listing proposal:

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