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Tiime has developed a broad set of services to help investors, entrepreneurs, enterprises and connectors go above and beyond their goals. Through networking, consultation, deal flow, business model review or matchmaking, our services allow change makers to grow and amplify their impact.


Many people go to networking events, but very few know how to network effectively. Networking is more than just getting out and meeting people; it is a structured plan to get to know people who will do business with you or introduce you to those who will. At Tiime we can help you to get the most out of your network and ours.


Sourcing your pipeline is about finding ways to access a selection of potential deals that fit your interests and strategy. Investors new to the impact space will quickly find that the problem is not how to find enough pipeline, but how to find quality pipeline. This is where Tiime can help you by pre-assessing the deal flow for you and updating you on quality projects within your area of interest.


We provide entrepreneurs developing their business idea an outside perspective over their model, with advice and recommendations for potential changes, adaptations and pivoting. This will ensure that businesses are better prepared for the challenges and adversities that they will encounter.


Through our networking and contact making, Tiime bridges the gap that often separates social entrepreneurs and investors. We provide both with not only a deal but with an ideal partnership between the needs and goals of both parties. Our aim is to guarantee investments that are successful and relationships that are long-lasting.



Tiime has developed a set of trainings that bring added value to a broad range of businesses. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a corporate, we can help you integrate impact into your core activities while allowing you to grow and become better at what you do.

Public Speaking – How to go against all your instincts through positive psychology

Learning from failure or how to leverage from our mistakes

Influencing through positive psychology

Our list of trainings includes :

The Entrepreneurial Toolkit: Business Model Canvas and Design Thinking

Leveraging the Power of Entrepreneurial Thinking to Drive Change and Growth

Convergence: how the social impact sector merges with business & finance

Corporate Changemaking – designing intrapreneurial projects

Sales techniques – Understanding Value Proposition from the customer’s perspective



Tiime has organised, moderated & hosted social impact events in multiple countries for a broad range of audiences. From design to delivery, Tiime has expertise across the board for creating memorable and impactful experiences.


Tiime can help you develop the concept for your event, generate ideas with stakeholders and identify the right moderators, panellists and speakers.


We have the expertise to design the agenda, contribute to the financing of the event through fundraising and help you with logistics.


We have years of experience running different components of an event, including moderation, keynote speeches, panel participation, trainings, webinars and on-site meetings.


Leave it to us to make noise about it. Before, during and after the event, we will spread the word far and wide. We can also document and report the event for you.

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