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  • Cécile Sevrain and Hedda Pahlson-Moller

TIIME in multiple dimensions

The fall kicked off with a series of events that reminded us how far the sustainable finance movement has come in the last few years. From London to Prague, Frankfurt to Luxembourg, TIIME joined forces with investment funds, CFAs and other financial leaders paving the way to the Impact Economy - moving beyond the lens of ESG to driving positive societal and environmental impact through investment and business models. #ImpactImperative

Sept 18 - Mobius Capital Partners

We were in London with Mobius Capital Partners for their Investor Days, highlighting the criticality of good governance as a prerequisite for ESG – and the exceptional performance of organisations that address non-financial risks and returns. Mark Mobius shared his new book “Invest for Good’ co-written by his partners, Greg Konieczny and Carlos Hardenberg. Hedda is an Independent Director on the Mobius Capital Partner Emerging Market Fund (SICAV) and joined the discussion to give her input on the challenges and opportunities around ESG Investing and what it means for Emerging Markets.

While in London, we had the pleasure of visiting our favourite data solution provider powering the ESG revolution (and their dynamic leadership duo, Marjella and JP), DATAMARAN. And we never miss a chance to see the powerful force of nature, Suzanne Biegel, to support her inspirational content and design for the upcoming Gender-Smart Investing Summit scheduled for end of April in London.

Sept 19 - Tilia Impact Venture

Cécile continued to Prague, where she spoke for an annual event also celebrating the second investment of Tilia Impact Ventures. Speakers also included Philip Hayden (impact investor and member of the advisory board of Tilia Impact Venture) and Martin Bursík (environmentalist and Former Minister for the Environment Czech Renewable Energy Chamber).

The fund is an ‘impact-first’ fund, focusing primarily on supporting local solutions addressing a broad range of societal problems, e.g. environmental protection, inclusion of disadvantaged groups, transparency in society and quality in education. The fund is backed by experienced investors and well-known philanthropists from the Czech Republic.

Cécile recently joined their advisory board to share her experience, expertise and network in the European impact investing scene. Cécile has been invited by Magdalena Radova, a former TIIME member who joined the Czech impact fund last year.

Sept 26 - CFA Institute of Germany

On to Frankfurt, where we joined the CFA Institute of Germany to discuss the ‘Virtuous Future of Finance’. Opened up by the dynamic Director, Susan Spinner (who addressed ethics, technology and sustainability), the event featured Omar Selim, CEO of Arabesque on how big data and AI can build a sustainable financial system and followed by Hedda with a presentation on “Beyond ESG – the Emergence of Impact Investing”* and followed by intriguing input from speakers addressing the convergence of technology and sustainability such as Francisco Benedito (CEO Climate Blockchain Initiatives and founder of Climatecoin), Dr. Jan Spelsiek, Axel Apfelbacher, and Anders Indset (Business Philosopher!).

* if you would like to see the presentation, please reach out to us at

Next week we will be in our HQ Hometown in Luxembourg with:

Looking forward to seeing you. And watch this space for an exciting (RE)launch of the Impact Garden knowledge repository for sustainability and impact!


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