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TIIME crazy week in Oslo – 8-10 November 2017

Part I – zee Masterclass (or “Delivering Meaningful Content for 60+ Social Entrepreneurs”)

Ferd Social Entrepreneurs (Ferd SE) invests in social entrepreneurs delivering measurable impact results, provides companies with capital, expertise and networks in an active partnership with defined social targets in Norway. The TIIME team was honored to facilitate a full day Masterclass covering the fundamentals of social entrepreneurship, impact metrics and scaling strategies. We put all our passion, energy and a bit of magic to make this workshop as meaningful and impactful as possible for the 60+ selected social entrepreneurs in Oslo last week.

The audience was very mixed in terms of maturity of projects: from lifestyle businesses to worldwide solutions for access to clean energy. We were very inspired by the progress and the contagious positive energy from the Norwegians! Thank you to Ferd SE for this amazing opportunity and hopefully to many more!

Here is some positive feedback from one of the participant about our performance:

Dimitris Polychronopoulos

"Thanks Hedda Pahlson-Moller and Cécile Sevrain for bringing the Masterclass participants into contact with the European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA) participants and for facilitating such a professionally done workshop."

Part II – European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA) Conference (or “Delivering Meaningful Content and Networking Opportunities for 500+ Participants”)

Venture Philanthropy (VP) combines the soul of philanthropy with the spirit of investing. Every year EVPA organizes its annual gathering where all the VP players meet peers, mingle and exchange on solutions and trends focusing on social impact.

TIIME, co-founder and chief optimist, Hedda Pahlson-Moller helped design the EVPA conference for the 5th consecutive year – including 10 months of intense work with the EVPA conference team to make this amazing conference happen. The conference started the day after the Ferd SE Masterclass with a great opening session moderated by Hedda. Sean Hinton from Open Society Foundations delivered a provocative speech on the future of VP: should the focus be on measuring impact and mitigating risks, or rather on creating more positive impact on the people and the planet? While for the VP community the answer is obvious, yet in order to gain credibility it requires demonstrating the success and urgency of VP. Following that discussion, the audience had the choice of parallel sessions on a variety of inspiring topics. Our favorites were the workshops on Gender Lens Investing with our friend Suzanne Biegel paving the way towards social construction around gender particularly when it comes to supporting ventures as investors or VP. More to come on that topic by the way….

We can only recommend you to join us next year for the EVPA conference in Warsaw!

Cheers to an impactful TIIME week up in the North! #impactimperative #peaceup

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