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Enroll now for the "Enabling Entrepreneurs to Shape a Better World" - MOOC

Advancements in technology and the knowledge accumulated over centuries have created the possibility to solve many of the world’s biggest problems, but that alone is not enough. To take these resources and use them to make change happen, we need people with an entrepreneurial mindset, that can approach these problems with a different point of view and create something genuinely new to make an impact.

That is what the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), “Enabling Entrepreneurs to Shape a Better World“, is about: impact, and the creation of new, viable solutions that will lead us to a better world. This course is practical, interactive and, above all, free. During this six-week course, you will learn from world-leading experts, scholars, and practitioners and will see inspiring lectures by active (social) entrepreneurs, which will share their on-the-ground experiences.

The MOOC will start on May 30th, so register now to learn more about the MOOC and be ready to experience a unique online learning opportunity.

The MOOC is a joint initiative of the Global Entrepreneurship Summer School (GESS) and openSAP. Since 2008, GESS brings together top notch students from all over the world to solve a global challenge with entrepreneurial concepts. This year’s challenge is MIGRATION.

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