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Founded in 2008, Stone Soup Consulting is a proactive and forward-thinking consultancy with a social heart. Organised as a network of consultants, this company works with several types of organisations that are interested in boosting their social value.

90 women from across 4 continents innovating cross-border angel investing

The Rising Tide  programme is part of a global movement to increase women’s participation in angel investing as an asset class. It has been developed to provide an enriching investment experience; including an investment portfolio in start-ups, an education of the investment process and the development of a global angel community of successful business women across Europe, Middle East, Africa and the USA.

Developing infrastructure for internal and external communication on the subject of Impact Investing.

Creating synergies and collaborative efforts to define best practice and improvements for EBAN members interested in this field.

Establishing a constant dialogue with policy makers relevant to the impact investing industry

Developing a bridge between EBAN members and the Impact Investing Community, contributing input and research to the overall field.

Ashoka builds and cultivates a community of change leaders who see that the world now requires everyone to be a changemaker. They collaborate to transform institutions and cultures worldwide so they support changemaking for the good of society.

passionate about amplifying the role of women in impact investing and investing with a gender lens.

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The European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA) is a lively community of organisations sharing the same vision and a common goal: creating positive societal impact through venture philanthropy. We’ll show you how.

The Toniic community invests across asset class. Our members invest anywhere from a portion to 100% of their investable assets, The 100% IMPACT Network – a global peer-to-peer network of asset owners intentionally committing 100% of their investible assets to impact – is a logical and exciting evolution of Toniic enabled by a global growth in dealflow and investor conviction. Please visit 100% IMPACT Network page for more information. recognizes the transformative power that convening, when done right, has to positively change the world. We are building a community of mission-driven conveners, accelerators, and mappers to convene and learn from each other, build the larger capacity of the field, and construct pathways to more efficiently realize change.

EBAN (European Business Angel Network) is the pan-European representative for the early stage investor community, gathering 197 member organisations in 59 countries today. Established in 1999 by a group of pioneer angel networks in Europe with the collaboration of the European Commission and EURADA, EBAN represents a sector estimated to invest 6,6 billion Euros a year and playing a vital role in Europe’s future, notably in the funding of SMEs. EBAN fuels Europe’s growth through the creation of wealth and jobs.

The Luxembourg Business Angel Network (LBAN) is a non-profit organization unlocking the potential of private investors in Luxembourg. 

Our mission is to give the appropriate tools to business angels in order to become better private investors and be more comfortable in doing investments.

LBAN has direct links to the Government in order to ensure that the requirements of the early-stage industry are not only heard but acted upon.

LBAN is driven by a board of high-caliber individuals from within the industry and is supported by the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce.

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