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The emergence of Impact investing

Dear members of the CFA Institute,


It was a pleasure to engage in a discussion on the ‘Virtuous Future of Finance’ from the lenses of ESG, Impact and Technology with excellent speakers and the fearless leadership of Susan Spinner and the CFA team. Thank you for the invitation!


We have shared our slides with you here for those that would like to review the content and follow up with any clarifications on the information provided. We welcome hearing from you.


In the appendix you will find a list of topics that we did not have time to cover in the session – it’s fair game to reach out to ask about any of the additional elements. 


Thanks again for your attention and interest. Hope to hear from you.


Please follow – and join – us @TIIME_Now for the #ImpactImperative.


Best regards

Hedda Pahlson-Moller (

Twitter @heddapm

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