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Our impact and commitments

TIIME has built its Theory of Change: TIIME is leveraging its network and expertise in the domain of sustainable finance and impact investing to shift capital towards impact. We've collected and tracked metrics based on our activities:


number of classes facilitated


number of students who attended our classes


Inspired by the principles of Effective Altruism, TIIME has decided to donate part of its net profits (10-25%) to charitable organisation as well as field building initiatives in impact investing.

TIIME has made a pledge through Giving What We Can - a community of effective givers. They provide the support, community, and information you need to do the most good with your charitable donations.

TIIME is also committed to be carbon neutral with its activities:

TIIME will offset its professional flight travels by buying carbon credits to achieve carbon neutrality on air travel - TIIME is buying credits from Vlinder.

Moreover, in order to achieve net zero, TIIME will donate money to Climeworks​ who developed a technology to capture CO2 from the atmosphere called Direct Air Capture (DAC). This technology helps capturing unavoidable and historic CO₂ emissions from the atmosphere. DAC is combined with a permanent and safe CO2 storage.

While we are truly committed to the #impactimperative (in other words having a bigger handprint than our footprint), we believe that every action can inspire other to do better.

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