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Introduction to Sustainability for Directors 

Module 1 on 11 December 2019

It is difficult to ignore the 'S' word these days. We are inundated with information, stories, threats and cheers for all things 'Sustainable' - business models, investing, consumption, growth, leadership, etc. There are new demands to account for a triple bottom line - People, Planet AND Profit (the UN would add Peace and Prosperity). It can be overwhelming to understand what it actually means and how it should be applied. 

ILA together with TIIME proposes 3 courses that are designed to address the fundamentals of sustainability and provide an understanding of the tools and frameworks available for independent board directors to familiarize themselves with the developments in the field, recognize best practice through case studies and modelling - and to ask the right questions. 


Objectives of the program

  • Increase knowledge and expertise on Sustainability as a core strategic topic for companies / boards

  • Raise awareness on Sustainability by sharing fundamentals and demonstrating the added value by example

  • Tools and support positioning sustainability on the board agenda

    • Community Building / Convening

    • Building and convening broad community interested in sustainability within ILA

  • Consolidation of ‘Sustainability ambassadors’ and best practices within ILA

  • Thought Leadership

    • Stimulate debate and discussion

    • Develop case studies and shared learnings

    • Influence sustainable development in the local economy and beyond


Program modules


The courses have been broken down into 3 half day modules: 

  1. Introduction to Sustainability - covering the backdrop, fundamentals trends and developments with a focus on Materiality to identify the critical path of risk and opportunity around sustainability.

  2. Tools and frameworks - a dive into the world of regulations, standards, labels and tools to assess for the development of a sustainability strategy, including impact measurement and management.

  3. Implementation and Communication - Through leadership examples, management of change and communication strategies, this module focuses on the intricacies of following through on your strategy.

Practical information


Facilitation: TIIME

When: 11 December 2019 from 8h45 to 12h30 (MODULE 1)

Where: The Office Charlotte

For more details and to register visit the ILA website here.

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