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Els’ gift is bringing people together. She has spent over 25 years across industries - from the music and entertainment world to operating non-profit organizations – keeping structure, rhythm and melodies flowing in each team she is part of…


When TIIME runs events or trainings that require the unique balance of impeccable organization alongside the warmth of creative convening, we call upon Els to request that she join us and bring her magic. After 5 years of working alongside of Els designing and implementing events, she is an invaluable part of our team. She ensures that everything flows with the precision of a swiss watch, while using her multi-tasking skills like a swiss army knife to converge logistics with content and creativity.

Each event becomes a memorable experience.


And for the record, she is not Swiss but BELGIAN – and sweet as the chocolate (which she insists is better from her home country).

Els Depoortere


Chief Convening Specialist

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